Unstoppable Messaging

Unstoppable Messaging Unstoppable Messaging is a revolutionary tool within the Dapps Toolkit that entirely reimagines communication within the Web3 ecosystem. It acts as a bridge between developers and smart dApp users, enabling direct and personalized communication.

Traditionally, communication in the Web3 ecosystem has posed significant challenges due to its decentralized nature. Developers have found it increasingly difficult to communicate with users directly and effectively. The introduction of Unstoppable Messaging resolves this issue, facilitating communication that's seamless, secure, and efficient.


Unstoppable Messaging is a multi-faceted tool offering:

  1. Developer-to-User Messaging: This feature allows developers to send push notifications directly to the smart dApp users. Whether they're updates about new features, important announcements, or engagement activities, this direct line of communication helps developers to keep users updated and engaged.

  2. Peer-to-Peer Messaging: In addition to developer-user communication, Unstoppable Messaging also functions as a peer-to-peer messaging protocol. It provides an end-to-end encrypted communication channel, allowing users to communicate securely. This feature greatly enhances the social aspect of dApps, thus improving user retention and engagement.


  1. Improved User Engagement: By enabling direct communication with users, Unstoppable Messaging helps developers significantly enhance user engagement levels. Direct updates and notifications keep users connected and make them feel valued.

  2. Enhanced Privacy and Security: The end-to-end encryption ensures that communication is secure, providing users with a private and safe channel to interact.

  3. Increased User Retention: The social aspect introduced by peer-to-peer messaging further enhances the user experience, leading to higher user retention.

By empowering developers to connect more effectively with their users, Unstoppable Messaging pushes the boundaries of user engagement in the Web3 space, leading to a more vibrant and interactive ecosystem.

Let’s understand this tool better with a user journey:

John: A dApp developer who has developed a DeFi protocol, "CryptoWealth".

Alice: A frequent user of "CryptoWealth".


John has recently updated "CryptoWealth", introducing a new staking pool with a higher APY. He wants to inform all his users about this new feature immediately to ensure they can take advantage of it.

Without Unstoppable Messaging, John would have to depend on external channels like social media or email to reach his users. However, this method has its limitations - not all users are active on social media or check their emails regularly. Moreover, such messages often get lost amidst the myriad of other notifications.

Now, with Unstoppable Messaging, John can send a push notification directly to all his smart dApp users. He drafts a message explaining the new update and uses Unstoppable Messaging to send it out. The message is directly delivered to the smart dApps of all users.

Alice, who is busy with her day, receives a notification on her wallet. She sees the message from "CryptoWealth" about the new staking pool. Intrigued, she opens her wallet, accesses the dApp directly, and stakes some of her tokens in the new pool.

By using Unstoppable Messaging, John was able to effectively communicate with his users, ensuring they were informed about the latest updates. On the other hand, Alice received timely and valuable information directly, leading to an improved user experience.

This diagram represents the communication flow facilitated by Unstoppable Messaging. From drafting the message to the action taken by the user, every step is seamless, direct, and efficient.

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