Journey So Far

Our journey has been one of innovation and determination as we aimed to redefine the web3 landscape through a series of pivotal developments:

Unstoppable Messaging: We recognized the potential of blockchain technology for more than just financial transactions and envisioned a way for users to communicate directly and privately. Unstoppable Messaging offers end-to-end encrypted messaging capabilities that allow users to send messages using just their wallet addresses. Furthermore, users can subscribe to their favorite smart dApps on and receive transactional and promotional notifications, keeping them engaged and updated.

Dapps Soul: In its first release, Dapps Soul introduced the identity layer of our ecosystem. It enabled users to register .5ire and .soul domains, marking their entry into the Dapps ecosystem. These unique domain names allowed users to easily send and receive assets and provided them with control over their DNS to host websites, thus solidifying their digital identity within the ecosystem.

Dapps Hermes: To enhance the user experience and ease their entry into the ecosystem, we developed Dapps Hermes, the backbone of all transactions on Dapps Hermes acts as a gas station, ensuring that users don't need to buy tokens for any on-chain interactions on, thereby removing significant barriers to entry.

Smart Dapps: With the development of smart dApps, we are on the brink of completely transforming the web3 landscape. This innovation allows for the creation of intelligent, programmable NFTs that can interact with their environment and other NFTs, creating a multitude of use-cases beyond the traditional scope of NFTs.

As we stand on the precipice of our first beta release in the form of a Chrome extension, we invite our community to be a part of this exciting development. This new extension, discussed in detail in the following sections of this whitepaper, allows users to interact with our ecosystem in a streamlined and user-friendly manner. To gain early access to this extension, we encourage our readers to visit:

Continuing our journey, a critical aspect of our progress has been our focus on establishing and nurturing partnerships with major Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) chains. By joining forces with these crucial players in the blockchain field, we have expanded our network and solidified our presence in the web3 space, ensuring that we can cater to a diverse range of blockchain-based solutions.

Moreover, we have successfully facilitated over a hundred smart dApps to register on our platform. This milestone demonstrates the trust and interest that developers have in our ecosystem, as well as the growing need for a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate smart dApps platform.

Additionally, we have collaborated with a dozen infrastructure providers to strengthen our platform's foundation. These strategic alliances have allowed us to enhance our services, ensuring we offer our users high-performance and reliable infrastructure.

At, we understand that a thriving ecosystem cannot exist in isolation. We need the involvement and cooperation of diverse entities - from developers and users to infrastructure providers and blockchain networks. Our aim has always been to create an environment that promotes growth and innovation, a space where every participant contributes to and benefits from the overall progress of the ecosystem.

The faith in our mission was further validated when we successfully raised a pre-seed funding round in November 2022. We were fortunate to garner the support of a number of notable angels and builders, a testament to their belief in our vision and capabilities. Their investment has enabled us to accelerate our development and expansion efforts, bringing us closer to realizing our goal of making web3 more accessible and impactful for everyone.

This journey has been about more than just building a platform; it's about creating an ecosystem that enables web3 to thrive. With each passing day, we are more convinced of the potential that lies within web3, and we are committed to unleashing this potential for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

This journey so far reflects our commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the fore, making the web3 space more accessible, secure, and beneficial for all users. Our continuing endeavors align with our vision to be the catalyst of mass adoption for web3, contributing to a self-sustaining ecosystem that drives progressive growth.

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