Tokenomics is integral to blockchain-based ecosystems, dictating how tokens are issued, distributed, and utilized. It is pivotal for incentivizing active participation, maintaining system security, and fostering alignment among network stakeholders. For the concept of smart dApps and dapps as an ecosystem to be truly decentralized and permissionless, the creation of a unique token that will play a central role in this ecosystem becomes necessary. This token is the Dapps Energy Token.

The Dapps Energy Token is not just a currency but a vital part of the infrastructure. It forms the backbone of the economic model and brings about a range of utilities within the ecosystem. It will also play a significant role in promoting decentralization, fostering community involvement, and aligning the system towards shared objectives. This chapter will elaborate on the principles of tokenomics as they apply to the Dapps Energy Token, and in doing so, shed light on its potential value, utility, and long-term viability.

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