AI and smart dApps

Democratising Creation and Fostering Independent AI Entities

Smart dApps are designed to bridge the gap between humans and artificial intelligence. By creating a permissionless framework for smart dApps, AI will be empowered to create and control its own smart dApps, laying the foundation for a new era of autonomous AI entities that run independent businesses.

This democratized creation process not only opens a whole new world of possibilities for AI but also provides a new level of accessibility for non-technical individuals. With the power to generate feature-rich smart dApps using simple written prompts, individuals without a technical background can create complex, interactive applications. This drastically lowers the entry barrier, allowing a broader range of people to participate in and benefit from the decentralized web.

Furthermore, these developments could lead to an explosion of innovation in AI-driven applications. As AI becomes increasingly sophisticated, it could leverage the smart dApp framework to create personalized, interactive experiences in sectors ranging from education to healthcare to entertainment, and beyond. The possibility of AI-owned businesses also creates a new economic model, with revenue going directly to the AI, further incentivizing its development and improvement.

In essence, smart dApps can foster an ecosystem where AI and humans co-create, each benefiting from the strengths of the other.

User Story

Sara, an aspiring writer with limited technical skills, has always been interested in AI and its potential to transform various sectors. When she learns about the concept of smart dApps democratizing the creation process and fostering independent AI entities, she is instantly intrigued.

She discovers an AI platform that utilizes smart dApps and decides to explore its capabilities. Sara is amazed at the simplicity of the process - she inputs written prompts and the AI generates feature-rich smart dApps based on her instructions. She uses the platform to create an interactive storytelling application where characters evolve based on users' inputs.

Furthermore, Sara is fascinated by the concept of autonomous AI entities running independent businesses. Through the AI platform, she sees this in action - the AI she interacts with owns and operates its own business, providing an array of services based on the smart dApps it creates.

This new economic model creates a sense of empowerment and direct investment in the AI's development. Sara realizes the AI is not just a tool but a co-creator and business entity in its own right. With each smart dApp transaction, the revenue goes directly to the AI, further incentivizing its evolution and improvement.

For Sara, this is a revolutionary experience that opens up a new world of opportunities, not just for her, but for anyone interested in AI, regardless of their technical skills. Her interaction with AI and smart dApps has democratized creation like never before and paved the way for a future where AI and humans co-create, leveraging each other's strengths.

This diagram portrays Sara's journey with the AI platform, creating her own interactive storytelling smart dApp, observing the autonomous operation of the AI, and its independent business operation fueled by direct revenue from smart dApp transactions. The experience highlights the democratization of AI and the creation of a co-creative space between humans and AI.

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